These 4 Questions Impress Any Interviewer…

Are you looking to impress at your next interview?

Are you feeling nervous about it?

Are you unsure what to say when they ask you if you have any questions?

Questions are powerful tools. They can get you thinking (like the 3 we just asked you!) and the right ones can help you learn exactly what you need to know.

But most job seekers don’t intuitively know what the “right” questions to ask during an interview are.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 4 questions that will keep you informed, and keep them impressed! Let’s have a look!

“What is the best part of working here?”

This question is a great opener, as it starts the conversation on a more positive note. You could even say it helps turn the interview into a conversation!

It can also raise some red flags if the other person struggles to come up with anything that the employees like. Or if the things they like aren’t especially exciting for you.

This question reveals what level of employee engagement they have, and what you can expect for you and your team, should you take the job.

“How does your company support a healthy work-life balance?”

You should ask questions that not only show you what your work life will look like if you get hired, but also what your life will look like overall.

It’s important to find a job that doesn’t stress you out too much, but also one that allows you to de-stress outside of work.

This question may even provide insight on some of the non-salary benefits that the company offers. For instance, do they have a company sports team, or do they sponsor gym memberships?

If your interviewer can’t answer or has a bad answer, it can be a sign that the company values workaholics and doesn’t promote personal development.

“What does a typical work day look like?”

Most recruiters were, at one point, recruited themselves!

They experienced something very similar to you. They would have been told all the perks and benefits of working at the company, but now that they’ve been working there for some time, they have a more realistic picture.

Up until now, most of what you’ve learned about the business has likely been through carefully curated social media and web pages. Asking this question helps you see beyond that to the potential flaws, and the hidden benefits too!

If your interviewer’s response feels canned then you might need to assume they’re not being honest. And what does that say about the company they work for?

“What does success look like for this job 6 months from now?”

A question about what the employer is actually measuring about employee performance never fails to impress.

This question is great because it shows that you are forward thinking, you care about your performance, and you consider the employer’s goals (not just your own).

It is also a powerful question for learning about the employer. It reveals the company’s values, and how engaged they are with their employees.

If the answer you get is something lazy like “just show up on time every day and we’ll be good” then you know they aren’t being mindful of the development of their staff.

They also wouldn’t be very mindful of their business. Most companies have 5 year, sometimes even 10 year plans. If they don’t have a clear objective for 6 months from now, they might not be around that much longer…

What NOT to ask…

Don’t ask questions that 5 minutes of research online could have given you the answer to.

Asking questions that show how uninformed you are, or how little preparation you did for the interview, is a fast track to losing the race.

These are things like where they’re located, how long they’ve been open, what their motto is, etc.

These questions waste time and make the wrong impression.


Don’t stress — just impress!

Take these questions with you to your next interview and you’ll be sure to make a stronger impression, and leave feeling more informed!

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