3 Interview Tips to be More Memorable to Employers!

Want to be more memorable during your next interview?

You don’t have to answer all their questions with a song, or juggle all the items on their desk, or jump over them with a skateboard to leave a strong impression.

But you do want to set yourself apart from the rest!

Recruiters meet with dozens of candidates, and sift through hundreds — even thousands of resumes for a single job posting. And their interviews usually happen within a short span of time, which means they don’t have a lot of time to memorize everyone that they meet.

But you still want to stay fresh in their minds when they make their final decisions.

So how do you make a strong impression without coming off too strong?

Read on and find out! We have 3 tips to help you be more memorable to employers at any job interview!

1. Engage their memory banks with enthusiasm!

Your resume shows recruiters that you bring a lot to the table professionally.

But your interview is a chance to show them how much enthusiasm you bring as well!

Have you ever watched a lecture or presentation, and the person is monotonous and dull? Think about it for a second — you very likely have, but it might be hard to remember.

That’s because unenthusiastic people (and the points they’re trying to get across) are easily forgotten.

Nowadays, through social media and the internet, we’re constantly bombarded with new and exciting information. We also have to filter out the stuff that just doesn’t interest us, so we can stay focused on what’s important.

Your interviewers are doing the same thing, intentionally or not. They are more excited about the people who share their excitement.

Staying enthusiastic during your interview also let’s employers know that you’re actually serious about the job, and interested in their business. It’s a win-win!

2. Help them place you with your personality!

You might have the same qualities on paper as the next person in line for the job.

But you know what no one else in the world has?

Your personality.

It’s important to make sure your personality shines through when meeting with recruiters for the first time. Not only will it help to differentiate you from other candidates, but it can help you connect and engage with recruiters more closely.

Interviews aren’t just an opportunity to discuss your resume. It’s an opportunity for recruiters to get to know who you are, how you act, and whether you’ll be a good fit for the company culture.

Think about it as though you’re marketing yourself, the same way businesses market their brand. Every brand has a persona that helps set them apart.

Are they funny or serious? Do they try to get along, or do they try to stay ahead? What sort of characteristics define you as a worker?

They want to hire a person, so don’t act like a robot. If you can be comfortable being yourself around employers, they’ll be more comfortable hiring you for the position — and they’ll remember the way they felt about you more than the points of interest on your resume!

3. Be noteworthy with a follow-up note!

The interview doesn’t end when you walk out of the room, or when you log off from the video call.

After every meeting, you should take the time to write a personal thank-you note to your interviewers.

Not only does this show off just how professional you are, but it will help them remember your face even when your face-to-face has ended.

A good thank-you note includes a thank-you (obviously) and an expression of interest in hearing back about the job. It’s also a good idea to show thanks for one thing about the process that you appreciated, such as how accommodating or professional they were.

And it doesn’t have to be long either! Remember, recruiters are busy people. But they’re still people, and people like it when others acknowledge them for their time and effort.

So take a moment to say thanks, and they’ll be more likely to remember you when the moment comes to make a decision!


If you can remember these 3 things, then employers will be way more likely to remember you after an interview!

META has lots more tips to help make your next interview unforgettable. Stay tuned for weekly articles, or reach out to us today for free 1-on-1 interview coaching!

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