5 Reasons You Should Hire a Person with a Disability

There are lots of reasons to hire a person with a disability, but today we’ll be reviewing the top 5!

People with a disability account for 22% of Canadians, but only 17% of the workforce.

And while many people are unable to work, it’s also often the case that job seekers with disabilities are not given the opportunity to do so.

So if you’re an employer looking to grow your team, here’s why you should consider hiring a person with a disability!

1. They are overall more reliable

Statistics show that, on average, people with disabilities take less time away from work.

That includes sick days and emergency days.

While some employers might think a person living with a disability may require more time to manage their health, it is often the case that the person is more organized about their health needs than a worker without a disability.

Furthermore, the retention rate among workers with disabilities is higher. In some cases, an employee with a disability may remain with a company almost twice as long as other employees!

2. They have fewer workplace accidents

In jobs with both high and low risk of workplace injury, people with disabilities consistently avoid accidents more often than their colleagues without disabilities.

It’s clear that they are both more aware and respectful of safety regulations for the workplace.

And not only does that mean less time away from work for that employee, but they can also influence safer behaviour in others!

3. Tax credits and hiring incentives

It’s clear that workers with disabilities can be an asset to your team. But their performance isn’t the only reason to hire them!

Many funding opportunities are available to employers who hire workers with disabilities, including government grants.

In addition to wage reimbursements, other costs can often be covered, such as any reasonable accommodations that your new employee may require.

META can help you navigate your options for funding on a case by case basis. Talk to us today to learn more!

4. They increase company diversity

Inclusive businesses who practice diversity, more often than not, achieve far more than their less open-minded competitors.

Having a diverse team means having multiple unique perspectives for tackling problems, and a wider range of skills and experience to draw from.

By having a teammate who has a disability, your other team members will also start thinking more about inclusivity in their daily activities. For instance, how to better serve customers who themselves may have a disability.

5. They are just as capable as the next person!

Workers with a disability still have the ability to do their job. And as a hiring manager, can you really say the same if you don’t consider them for a position on your team?

Many are excellent adaptors, and ready to take on the challenges of your business.

All you need to do is take their application seriously, and adapt to a more inclusive work environment.


Here are 5 reasons to consider hiring a person with a disability.

But we’re sure if you do, you’ll discover many more reasons why it’s the right choice for your business!

Plus, you can discover even more about Disability Inclusion all October, during National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), with META!

The theme for 2021’s NDEAM is “Engaging Talent in the Disability Inclusion Evolution”. This means bringing people with disabilities into the discussion about:

  • Why now, more than ever, is the time to start the journey of making disability-inclusive hiring “business as usual” if it isn’t already
  • Why it’s important to have a comprehensive hiring strategy that includes disability; and to not lose sight of your strategic inclusion goals amid change
  • Key ways businesses can make sure they’re disability-inclusive
  • Why disability inclusion needs to be driven from the top down
  • How the combination of forces mentioned earlier is changing the nature of work and creating disability-inclusion opportunities

META is always helping to promote awareness about the benefits and importance of an inclusive workforce. We help workers and employers find solutions that work for everyone, and create opportunities for the 1 in 5 Canadians who have a disability.

If you’re a worker with a disability, or an employer looking to make their business more inclusive, we can help you too!

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