5 of the Latest Job Search Trends

Some trends are fleeting, like mullets, or tamagotchis, or the latest TikTok challenge.

But sometimes what starts as a trend sticks around to become something more permanent.

When it comes to job searches, there are often new trends for both job seekers and recruiters to use in order to fulfill their employment needs. But more often than not, these simply become the new normal.

Many new trends emerged for professionals during the pandemic, and it’s quickly becoming clear that they’re here to stay.

So today, we’re going to look at 5 of the latest trends in looking for a job that are now defining the way job seekers like yourself find work that works for you!

1. Virtual Interviews

Virtually every industry has migrated to virtual interviews!

These can be voice or video calls hosted on popular platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or even Facebook Messenger.

They can even take place on custom platforms, such as virtual job fairs that help you immerse yourself into virtual reality.

What this means for you:

Take some time to familiarize yourself with common platforms and their controls. And then take some time to set up a space with good lighting and no distractions in case your next interview is online!

2. Networking on the net

Gone are the days of exchanging business cards over a handshake.

Instead, modern professionals are linking up on LinkedIn, and connecting with recruiters and mentors on the world wide web.

And it’s not just 1-on-1 meetings and private communications! Now you can jump into nearly any discussion online by commenting, sharing, or just reacting to someone’s content.

Not to mention that events managers have converted their conferences and meetups to digital spaces, too.

What this means for you:

Get comfortable connecting on the web. It might feel impersonal at first, especially if you’re used to in-person meetings, but just remember that there are REAL people on the other side!

3. New sought-after skills

The same things that made a great candidate in the past aren’t exactly the same as what employers are looking for today.

As new technologies, processes, and (of course) trends emerge, the skills that support them come into vogue.

Clear communication via digital mediums is a big one. That’s things like email etiquette, video call composure, and being up to speed with project management tools.

Accountability matters more than ever to employers who offer flexibility. If a recruiter asked you, could you prove that you can manage yourself while working remotely, for instance?

What this means for you:

It’s time to revamp your resume to hone in on the skills that employers are looking for. Pay attention to job postings and look for patterns when it comes to the keywords that are popular in your industry, and make sure you’re letting them know you have specifically what it takes!

4. Contracting and freelancing

Want to become your own boss, but without the risk of opening an entire business?

Then the future has just the thing…

Contract work and freelancing are practical ways to capitalize on your skills without long term commitments to a specific employer.

It’s a great way to test out a new industry or company and see if they’d be a good fit, as well!

What this means for you:

Decide if you’re ready to explore something new with your career, and look into shorter term placements and contracts that will let you walk away without any issues if you’re not happy with what you see. Or freelance your services to multiple clients/employers until you find the right fit!

5. Going remote

Remote work is attractive to job seekers because it allows more flexibility for a healthy work-life balance.

And it appeals to employers too, because it keeps overhead costs down and allows them to find the right people for their team regardless of location.

While it was a safety consideration during the pandemic, it’s safe to say remote work is here for the long haul!

What this means for you:

You don’t just need to pound the pavement bringing paper resumes door-to-door. The world is now your oyster, with job opportunities opening up to you around the globe! All you need to do is be open to the idea of collaborating with a remote team, and all the unique challenges it can pose.


Not sure how these and other job trends might affect your career?

Get free counselling from our friendly staff at META!

We can help you navigate these new territories and keep you on the path to your career goals every step of the way!

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